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    Scale Your Team – Offshore
    Placement - tailored to your needs
    Cost savings (40%–60%)
    Western management relocated to India
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    Low Cost – High Value
    We’ll locate, screen, recruit, and manage
    excellent staff for you at attractive fees.
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    Offshore with a dedicated team >> Rapid growth
    We can help you speed up your development work
    and rise above the global competition.

Our Winning Recruiting System

We’ve developed a uniqueand advanced system of testing, screening, and hiring employees on demand. Our system combines strict examination of both professional and behavioral suitability, so our developers and other employees exceed the industry standard. We cherry-pick candidates from Fortune 500 companies, with the help pf our Israeli-US and Indian managers that bring more than a decade of experience in the spheres of services and of software development.

Direct Israeli-US Management and Service

Despite the geographical distance, part of the Israeli-US management is based on site in India. A senior Israeli- CTO/COO is on relocation at our Indian development center. Our service centers are in Israel and Canada. So we work to the standard of a high-performing Israeli/Western team, but at a much lower cost.

Cutting Costs with Peace of Mind

You can be confident both in our top-level teams and in a significant cost reduction (between 40% and 60%, from the very start). We free you from dealing with personnel issues, absences, and staff shortages. You get a high quality turnout team that you can absolutely rely on.

Full Transparency

We believe in transparency, and in working together on a cooperation and trust basis. We give you full transparency across the board, regarding processes, employees and costs. You’ll know everything, down to the pay scales, work hours, fees, and conditions. Every employee involved in your team, and every process, is monitored and measured.

Workforce Quality and Stability

Thanks to the recruitment system we’ve developed, we have some of the best developers and HR managers in the business. Most are graduates of the Indian Institutes of Technology and veterans of Fortune 500 companies. Because we believe in people, our approach and our employment methods strengthen their trustworthiness and their personal investment in our customers, so we have many employees remaining with us over the long term.

The Bottom Line (and more)‎

We’ll set you up with a trained professional and dedicated team for software development in any combination of programing language, interface, and platform. We provide complete service, complying with the schedule and, of course, the expected results.