About Us

Who we are?
We offer companies - to operate a development / service / BPO center in India – same as the big international corporates.

We save you expenses, we take care of the workers, the emergencies and the falls, or in other words; We make sure you keep moving forward with a peace of mind, and not have to deal with the "annoying" little things.

How so?
We fit you a dedicated team that will work with you and only with you, with the highest quality, with the best service, and at a very low cost.

“Just another” offshore company?
No. We are not "Just another" Offshore Company.

We provide placement services at the highest quality, with people of the highest level – and serves as your offshore extenuation center.
Our reputation - is the product of your success.

We offer a triple advantage:
1. The method of recruitment, selection and adaptation is based on a uniquerigorous model. Allowing us to choose only the best team for you.

2. You receive full service and support in Israel& in Canada and get a senior Israeli-US management, who is in relocation in our center in India. everything is measurable and under full supervision.

3. Our third advantage is transparency. You are not only receiving a product but management tools that shows attendance reports, distribution of payments, wages and more.

A little background
We at TeamScale have been developing software for over a decade (since 2007).
Since 2011 we have been providing dedicated teams tailored for our customers – in India, managed by our customers and working for them.
Our development center operates in the business and high-tech area of New -Delhi, India, and in our ownership.

TeamScale was established with many years of experience working with software and high-tech companies in Israel, Canada and the US, understanding the need for development teams at lower costs, but still with high quality.

We at TeamScale combine the service of a placement company with being a veteran development company. The result is a high level of work and products, with a high level of teams and development personnel working for you, and of course, at significantly lower prices.

Contact us so we can tailor together - the perfect development dedicated team for your needs.